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Hey Traders!! My name is Calvin!
Many know me as Calvin The New Trader.
I started my Forex journey in March of 2020, where I lost thousands of dollars in my first month of trading! After experiencing this huge loss. I decided to jumpstart my trading career by purchasing courses, coaching, mentorships, and dozens of forex related books. In 2021 I started to find my rhythm in trading but still I struggled with greed and having the right mindset as a trader. I created this podcast as an open diary to share my journey with other new & beginner forex traders to motivate, encourage and share knowledge I've learned while on this journey. I pray this podcast makes your Forex journey much easier than mine has been! I am currently a consistently profitable funded forex trader managing capital for multiple forex prop-firms. I'm still growing and I look forward to sharing the rest of my journey with you through this podcast! 

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